Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sideswiping Stanleys

Have you ever been merrily driving along, in your own lane on the road or highway and some idiot begins to merge into your lane...literally right beside you?? This happened to me today as it does every so often. I think it's just to remind me that I must cherish life and never take it for granted.

Anyways, I gotta ask: wtf is wrong with these people? The highway isn't the Bumper Car Ride at the amusement park. I can understand the scenario where you may occasionally forget to check your blind spot and you nearly cut in front of someone too close by mistake. But what's up with the sideways merge into another car? Hello?? Are you comatose? Ever heard of peripheral vision? Get some. Or like I advised in my previous post to similarly idiotic drivers, just simply get off the roads. Maybe walk, take a clearly don't deserve the privilege of having a driver's license.


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