Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World Cup Fever: Part Deux

Newsflash: Italy has beaten the World Cup favorite Germany team and made it to the finals. I said some curse words to myself when I got in my car after work today, turned on the radio, and heard the news...not that I'm upset they won, I rather like the drama that unfolds when they do, but damn, I should have based my work schedule around the World Cup!!! Now by the time I get home, the mayhem will already be underway and my little 20 minute commute will be at least an hour.

This time, the mayhem was evident way before I got anywhere near my street. In fact, the streets were lined with what I call the "flag people", standing on the sidewalks, evoking much horn honking and traffic as soon as I got off the highway. And since the first time, you know, the BIG WIN against the FIRST-TIME World Cup Contenders of Ghana, there has been police presence to do crowd control on my street. These cops blocked off the left turn to my street. So I turn around to go the other way...same thing. I roll down the window and ask the guy..."If I live right there in the middle, how am I supposed to get home?" "No problem, Ma'am, just show me your license so I can verify your address and we'll move the barricade for you." How nice. He was really polite.

I couldn't help but have flashbacks of Spring Fling in my college days, where the campus police would barricade the off campus housing area where we lived and it would be a massive party, spanning the whole weekend in our development. We used to have to smuggle non-residents in as they would not allow people with other off campus parking stickers into the place. Spring Fling was nothing but a drinkfest, Kegs at every apartment, lawn parties, house parties, music, barbecues, and party-people everywhere - Day and Night!! All the good stuff. And everyone who didn't live there was desperate to get in.

Back to present day: A very ingenious person has discovered the beauty of the flat bed truck. So there is a flat bed truck going up and down the street, continuously honking its horn, with tons of people piled on it just SCREAMING at the top of their lungs. It's not decorated like a float or anything, these fans don't need the fancy stuff. Just a very large Italy flag draped around its sides will do. It is 10pm. This is not showing any signs of dying down. I can't wait to see what happens if Italy wins the World Cup on Sunday! Go Italy!!


Anonymous Della said...

I wish that I was there to witness both this game and the finals, which I can only imagine was insane!!


Saturday, July 15, 2006 9:30:00 PM  

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